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we welcome you to HAUS DER MASSAGEN, the number one feel-good address for erotic massages in Munich.

Are you ready for the tense eroticism and the soothing relaxation of a soulful massage. Our aim is to pamper you with sensual massage techniques in the perfect ambience. Give your body and mind a break from everyday life. Every one of the ladies is looking forward to you and will ensure you have a very special relaxing time. We invite you to an unforgettable massage experience and look forward to your visit.

Haus der Massagen Munich, Tantra, Erotic & Wellness Massages

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Relaxation paired with two bodies, two hands and a large portion of pleasure is the recipe for an erotic massage.

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Touches all over the body are soothing and are needed by almost every person. And that is exactly what the Tantra Massages are about, where the participants are as God made them: nude.



Forget, relax and just let your mind wander! Because only wellness helps against stress. So lie back and feel how the worries and stress of everyday life skillfully dissolve into thin air.



For the lover of devotional desires and connoisseurs, a bizarrely ecstatic touch symphony. Together we see our dominant massage as a creative challenge, as an individual and unique encounter.

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Studio Aviendha

  1. 1. floor right

Studio Aviendha

  1. 1. floor right

Studio Tarisha

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Studio Tarisha

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Tantra, erotic & wellness massages in Munich

we at Haus der Massagen offer a wellness oasis of a special kind in the Munich area. In numerous studios with total privacy you can expect sensual and erotic massages in Munich, which will make you forget the stress of everyday life. Linger back in the Studio Charisma or enjoy breathtakingly sizzling moments in Studio Aviendha. In addition to the Aurum and Mandala studios, the Haus der Massagen also offers you the studios Yalina and Lumina in Munich, and the names of these oases of well-being are so sonorous that the atmosphere is so comfortable, cozy and sizzling. Immerse yourself in a world of emotions and let yourself be pampered from head to toe.

Tantra massage – enjoy with all your senses
A tantra massage in Munich offers you an incomparable experience and pure relaxation. Tantra massages are characterized by gentle touches all over the body. The focus is on naked bodies and tender hands that will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the world in no time. Here you can treat yourself to a tingling experience and you will feel born again. Tantra massages have been spread from Asia and have a long tradition. Already in the 7th century they were happy to be seduced with a Tantra massage.

Erotic massage – tingling hot relaxation
During an erotic massage in Munich you can expect a pleasurable massage, which will immerse you in a world of fantasies. Enjoy the erotic touches and experience this massage as absolute relaxation for body, mind and soul. At the Haus der Massagen in Munich you are alone with your needs in the center and you can let yourself be pampered all round. Leave everyday life at the door, close your eyes and enter the professional and loving hands of the masseuses who are waiting here for you.

Wellness massage – a highlight for body, mind and soul
At a wellness massage in Munich you can switch off and let your mind wander. Stress and bustle have nothing to do here – it’s just the relaxation. Enjoy the gentle touches and dive into a world without hassle and without worries. After this very special break just for you, you will immediately feel like a new person.

Just contact us, we look forward to your visit!