Erotic Massage


erotic massage

Immerse yourself in a world of pure relaxation and sparkling eroticism. Feel the power of touch to rediscover your body and senses. Our erotic massages offer you the opportunity to completely relax.

Our goal is to provide you with closeness, tenderness, erotic suspense and of course relaxation with our erotic massage. We are satisfied if you feel comfortable, let yourself go and indulge in our tender hands and bodies.

body-to-body massage

The body to body massage is a full body massage, in whereby close body contact is established with the guest. The massage is carried out by the use of the whole body. By the tender massage and the close physical contact one disappears from the real world to feel the highest pleasures and pure relaxation.



Everybody is full of sexual energies, with the help of tantra massages, these sexual energies flow and brought into balance. Touches all over the body are soothing and are needed by almost every person. Warm oils and fragrant essences can be used, as well as feathers or silk handkerchiefs that flatter the body and provide a feeling of security. Warm, subdued lights create a pleasant atmosphere.


With mindful, sensual and energetic touches, the lingam massage brings the sexual energies into flux. The reflex zones of the lingam are skill-fully and consciously activated, which has a strengthening and relaxing effect on the whole body. This erotic bodywork was also inspired by the teachings of Taoism. The lingam massage forms the integral conclusion of a sensual full body massage and takes place in a clearly defined setting. In a loving, present atmosphere, the lingam massage offers men the chance to get to know completely new ways and qualities in their sexuality, as well as to feel completely accepted in their masculinity, to surrender without having to perform.